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Keola Ambassador Teddy Galien Collage

Teddy Galien

Hi! My name is Teddy Galien (aka: The Planted Athlete). I was born and lived in France for 26 years before I moved to New Jersey. I run marathon, ride road/dirt/gravel, race triathlon, and enjoy outdoor hiking with my wife or bikepacking.

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Teddy's Favorite Podcast

The Move - A cyclist podcast by Lance Armstrong

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Connect with Teddy

Teddy Galien

The Planted Athlete

The PLANTED Athlete is a brand supporting environment and health through endurance sport. We believe getting outside and being active is essential for well-being. We enjoy training and racing in all elements of nature in our playground (earth) and we want to give back to the environment and make an impact.

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What getting outside means to Teddy

I believe staying active and being outside is the key to well-being and longevity. I enjoy training and racing in our playground (earth). It allows me to discover and see nature from unique angles.

Favorite Quote

I'd rather wear out than rust out!

What Teddy likes about Keola

The Stay Active Soothing Roll-On is my go to product and I don't travel without it. When I feel my legs tired and sore, I apply a few rolls on the targeted area and I literally fell freshness coming into my muscles and relieving the pain.

Teddy's Favorite Keola Products