About Keola

Keola was founded by folks passionate about getting outside and remaining active their entire lives. 

We first started formulating balms and tinctures to help with our own aches and pains. Then we started sharing them with family and friends. Based in Evergreen, Colorado our team is now focused on providing the highest quality, hemp-derived CBD products available. We use clean ingredients that work. We price our products fairly so everyone can benefit. After all, our mom’s use this stuff too.

Keola: “the life, the health, the well-being”. 

We believe in getting outside and being active. Feeling the weather. Letting it put a grin on your face and soaking it in. It’s not about being young or old, pro or novice. It about connecting with what moves you. To us, Keola represents an awareness, a deep sense of gratitude for the gift we receive on the inside that comes from being outside.

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