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Julia Wiltschko

Hi, I’m Julia. I grew up in the mountains in Austria, traveling around the world with the Austrian Olympic Team for almost ten years, and I moved to Hawaii six years ago. Wing foiling, kitesurfing, surfing, hiking – I’m not holding back at work or play.

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Favorite Podcast

Wild Ideas Worth Living

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Julia Wiltschko

Julia's Favorite Quote

"I can. I will. Watch me!"

What Does Julia Like About Keola

I like the mission: "LIVE NOW. LIVE WELL. Stay active longer! Enjoy getting outside more than ever."

It’s simple and so powerful.

What Getting Outside Means to Julia

The outdoors makes me happy. Nature is the fuel for my soul. Especially when I’m in the ocean - I feel what nobody can see: free & powerful. Chasing that feeling. Every damn day! It’s a lifestyle. It’s my lifestyle.

My best friend Jill & me invented “Wednesday Adventure Day.” Every Wednesday afternoon, we take time off and go on an adventure. Within hours we feel recharged and come home with dirty feet, messy hair, and big smiles on our faces. The adventures we're doing are not something you describe but experience and draw motivation, strength & inspiration from.

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Julia's Favorite Movie

"One Day"

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How Julia Gives Back

Wings for Life

I’ve a friend. An accident on a ski trip left him paralyzed from the waist down. I hope that scientist find a cure for spinal cord injury sooner than later.

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Events; Social Media Marketing

My friend Jill (IG: _modelsdoeat) and I create quality content for companies. Maui provides an excellent foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle. This little island offers a wide range of activities, making it the perfect place to shoot “out of the ordinary” action & lifestyle content. The passion for the outdoors and adventures is found among kids, adults, professional athletes, and seniors.

We have had the pleasure to produce great content for TRX training, Vasa training, Betty Design, Kor Shots, Joolies dates, Opti Water, Maui Girl Swimwear, and many more. We have access to professional photographers and an extensive network of great people. Besides that, we have had great success with setting up influencer campaigns. 

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