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Keola Ambassador Heff Collage

Heff The Cockapoo

Hey there! I'm Heff, a 10 years young cockapoo, the ultimate adventure dog! I live for thrill-seeking and being active! I'm not just any pooch, I'm a tennis ball connoisseur, and let me tell you, nothing gets my tail wagging like chasing after that green ball. You can find me at the dog beach, where I'm the master of sending that ball over waves! I Can probably ride waves better than you can, and I am one of the best paddle boarders around considering I don’t have any thumbs. I’ve been to 16 different states and numerous Kiteboarding hotspots! Catch me if you can!! Woof

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Favorite Playlist

"Who Let the Dogs Out"

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Connect with Heff

Heff on a chair wearing a Reedin hat

Heff's Favorite Quote

"Ball is LIFE"

What Does Heff Like About Keola

Keola rocks my furry socks!!! When the scary boom boom lights in the sky happen my mom gives me Keola CBD dog treats and I feel like I’m riding a wave and I don’t hear the night sky barking anymore! Every woof and wag feels like a gentle breeze tickling my fur, and the world seems to shimmer with new colors and scents. Life is good, my friend, life is good.

What Getting Outside Means to Heff

Getting outside is like unlocking a treasure chest of excitement for me! Woof! It's where I can explore new smells, feel the wind in my fur, and unleash my inner adventurer. Out there, every beach, every trail, and every patch of grass is a new opportunity for fun and discovery. Plus, it's where I get to chase after my beloved tennis balls and show off my sick swimming skills. Being outside isn't just important to me, it's essential— it's where I truly come alive and thrive and poop! Woof woof!

Finding Dory

Heff's Favorite Movie

"Finding Dory"

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What Cause does Heff love?

Project Street Vet

Oh my goodness I do not like to see my fellow furry companions living on the street and I just want to play with all the dogs outside!! I do NOT like the vet but this guy?? He's the best vet around he helps my canine friends stay healthy while unhoused!

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