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Keola Ambassador Eddie Olsen Collage

Eddie Olsen

Hello my name is Eddie. I am an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast. I have a bike for every occasion and love exploring new roads and especially closed roads. 

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Favorite Movie

Top Gun

Eddie Olsen Riding Bike

What Does The Outdoors Mean to Eddie

Getting outside is so incredibly important for everyone. For me it's about that freedom and exploration that being outside brings. No matter where you are there is something to look at and appreciate. You are able to absorb the beauty everywhere. The fresh air and sunshine is great but also being able to enjoy the snow and rain is great too! 

Eddie's Favorite Quote

You must always push the limits, because if you never fail you will never succeed. 

Connect with Eddie

Eddie Olsen by a Lake

Eddie's Favorite Keola Products

Love that the attitude of the core of Keola embodies the mantra.