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Bianca Velardi

Hi, I’m Bianca, and I’m from New York! Upstate New York, not the city… that’s about 4 hours away. I grew up hiking in the Adirondacks and always playing outside. I was adventurous but nothing to the extent I am today. It wasn’t until I quit my corporate job that I found my passion and started living!

My best friend and I went on my first road trip ever! We explored all over the western US. This is where my love for travel really grew. I became obsessed with climbing mountains and seeing all the world has to offer. I eventually moved to Nevada, where my hobby continued to grow. Hitting high peaks and embarking on day hikes with extreme elevation gain, such as “Cactus to Clouds,” fuels me.

I am always down for an adventure and for trying new things. I snowboard, bike, figure skate, scuba dive, started rock climbing, tried surfing and sand boarding, and the list goes on and on. One thing I’ve been REALLY wanting to get into is mountaineering! You can follow my story on my Instagram @bianca_velardi so come over, say hi, and I’ll see you there!

What Does Bianca Like About Keola

I LOVE that they built the brand around people who get outside and adventure. Their products help aid us in continuing to do the things that ignite our souls. 

Connect with Bianca

Bianca Velardi on Boundary Peak

What Getting Outside Means to Bianca

Getting outside is SO important to me because it's where I genuinely feel happy. Seeing new mountains, glacial lakes, or canyons puts me in THE BEST mood. You'll quite often hear me say "wow!" in astonishment that these places are actually real and I'm actually able to go see them. 

Bianca's Favorite Quote

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” - Gary Snyder

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