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Keola Ambassador Amy David Collage

Amy David; The OG Keola Ambassador

Currently based in Stanley, Idaho, I spend most of my time chasing adventure in the mountains. As a big mountain skier and snowmobiler, my winters are full of snowy back-country exploration. During the summer, I am a backpacking guide. My professions require pushing my body and mind in challenging scenarios, which have taught me to value rest and recovery. 

What Amy Likes About Keola

I love all of the Keola products! I use the soothing balm almost daily to reduce pain and inflammation in my joints. The balm is part of my recovery after long days in the mountains. I also love using the Sleep Well CBD oil to relax my body and mind before sleeping. I've seen the benefits of these products over several years for both myself and my dog with arthritis. 

A Note from Keola

Amy has been a friend of Keola for a long time. She embodies what we preach; getting outside, being active, and living life to the fullest. We appreciate everything Amy has done for us and look forward to following her adventures in the future!

Connect with Amy

Amy David

Amy's Favorite Quote

"You cannot lower the mountain; therefore, you must elevate yourself." - Todd Skinner

Friends Furever Animal Rescue

All dogs deserve a loving home. I recently fostered and adopted my puppy Mango from Friends Furever Animal Rescue and Rilos Rescue. She was rescued by the people this group, they covered her initial medical care until she was back on her feet, and now she's a happy girl living in the Idaho mountains. 

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What Getting Outside Means to Amy

Fresh air, beautiful landscapes, and a sense of adventure are essential for the human spirit. Getting outside is a priority for me because it's where I'm most happy. I love the physical challenge of adventure sports and the calm serenity of being still in nature.

Amy's Favorite Keola Products