New to CBD… where to start?

New to CBD… where to start?

Whenever I'm talking with people who’ve never tried CBD, the question that always comes up is “What product do I try?” If you’re not familiar with CBD, making a decision may feel about as effective as playing a shell game.

The other day I was taking my bike off the rack in my garage when my neighbor came up and inquired about CBD. We both ride, and my neighbor still plays hoops regularly. Anyway, he inquired about CBD balms, and asked me what he should try? I asked him, “What kind of results are you looking for with the balm?” 

He replies, “Well I’ve got back into basketball and I’d like to be able to dunk again!”

“Dunk?” I found his response both impressive and funny (he is closing in on forty). 

I laughed and replied, “Dude, CBD can’t make you jump higher… I wish it could make me a better skier too!” 

He went on to explain that he was looking for an alternative solution for his aches and pains instead of using ibuprofen. Okay, that makes a little more sense to me now. “What are you using now and why isn’t it Keola?”, I joked.

“Nothing. I got confused on my first introduction to CBD at a store, so I never tried anything.” He replied.

My neighbor went on to describe his experience. “Well, I was in (insert big box retailer chain here) and saw CBD offered. I thought sweet, I’ll check it out, I’ve been meaning to give CBD a try.” Upon closer inspection, he noticed that the CBD products were all shoved in a corner together. “Upon looking at the display, I hadn’t a clue what I was looking at. I didn’t know what product to use, how to use it, or what was actually in it, and why. I got discouraged and never tried anything.”

I would agree. Not exactly a confidence-building first impression experienced by my neighbor. Then I caught myself thinking…  “And why again didn’t he come to Keola first?”

While listening to my neighbor’s CBD story, (his experience is not uncommon) it dawned on me that I originally assumed (wrongly) that most folks had an understanding of what product they should try for themselves for the first time. So I thought it may be useful to share some simple guidelines when choosing a CBD product for the first time.

First, what results are you looking for when incorporating CBD into your lifestyle

For example, are you looking for pain relief through reduced inflammation? Are you looking for CBD to help reduce anxiety? As I’m sure you're aware, people use CBD for several reasons. It’s important to understand that we cannot make any definitive claims about the benefits of CBD to cure or treat anything. It has not yet been approved by the FDA. So naturally, when talking about CBD benefits we must speak in very general terms. Also, it’s important to remember that not everyone will respond the same to all types of CBD products. 

For these simple product guidelines, I kept it simple by using two of the most common CBD uses we encounter. First, relief of aches and pains. Secondly, to feel more relaxed and relieved from anxiety.

1. Relief of aches and pains:

This is the most common use for our customers when purchasing a CBD balm or other topical application. For example, wanting pain relief from physical activity due to inflammation, my neighbor asked “What CBD product should he try?” A CBD balm was the obvious place to start.


  • The effect is fast, usually within 5-10 minutes.
  • Use as needed, when needed.
  • Simply apply externally to the affected area of the body.

Next question my neighbor asked, “How do I know which balm to try?” Keola offers 3 versions of our balm.

500mg Balm:

We have found through customer feedback that this a great balm to start with for a couple of reasons:

  • First, it is the lowest price point. However, 500mg is still strong compared to most legitimate balms on the market and is strong enough for many people making it a great value.
  •  It is made with “broad spectrum” CBD meaning it has zero THC. For some people this is important. (As a note; whether made with broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD, all Keola products are “THC Free” compliant meaning any THC is under .3%)

1000mg and 1500mg Balms:

Customers who enjoy our 500mg balm sometimes benefit from going to a higher strength formulation. A lot of customers find:

  • That the absorption into your skin is a bit deeper and a bit longer-lasting. Some claim the relief is greater and is the reason they switched. Again, as a company, we cannot make any definitive claims.
  • Both our 1000mg and 1500mg balms are made with full-spectrum CBD instead of broad-spectrum CBD

As for my neighbor?

He decided to skip the 500mg and go right to the 1000mg. Remember, he does want to dunk at age forty (wink-wink). I use the 500mg, and keep several tins available. For example, in the glove box of my Jeep, in my ski bag, and my bike gear bag… that way I always have it. Yes, in full disclosure, (because I love Keola and I own part of the company), I keep extra available to give away to people I meet out and about as well.

Having the unwelcome gift of arthritis in my wrists, I always apply the balm right before skiing and biking. After riding, I use it on my lower back (along with stretches of course).

2. Relief of stress, to feel relaxed.

We find a lot of our customers use an ingestible CBD product to relax and to relieve stress. To get the best results. when taking CBD internally it’s important to consider a few basic points

  • Start slow in smaller strengths and dosages.
  • Give your body time to acclimate to CBD. Most people typically begin experiencing results in about 7 to 10 days of consistent use.
  • Remember the amount of CBD listed on the tincture bottle is the total amount of CBD contained in the bottle (not in each serving or dropper) A serving size is based on 1/2 dropper full which equals approx. 15 drops of oil.
  • There are 60 servings in a tincture bottle. That would mean that a 500mg tincture of oil would contain approx. 8.3mg of CBD per serving.
  • More is not always best. Frequency of use and consistency is also very important.

500mg Oil:

  • This oil is where most people new to Keola oils start. Sometimes preferred because of its peppermint flavor.
  • Our 500mg oil is made with “broad spectrum” CBD meaning it has zero THC. For some people this is important. (As a note; wether made with broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD, all Keola products are THC Free Compliant meaning any THC is under .3%)

1000-2500mg Oils:

We find a lot of customers already familiar with using oils have already tried various strengths, dosages, and frequency of use. They come to Keola with a good understanding of what they’re looking for in terms of strength, taste, ingredients, etc. There are two main differences (besides strength) from the 500mg oil vs the 1000mg - 2500mg oils:

  • The 1000mg and 2500 oils are not flavored with peppermint. There is nothing added, so the oils maintain a natural, slightly plant-based taste.
  • The 1000mg and 2500mg oils are made with full-spectrum CBD oil vs broad-spectrum CBD oils. Both oils however are fully THC compliant and contain less than .3% THC. 

Obviously, there is far more to learn about CBD than this simple guide. However, hopefully, you’ll find these simple steps to helpful to get you started in the right direction. If you’d like more information about CBD check out our CBD 101 guide.

By the way, we would love if you'd comment below and share the experiences you've had, both positive or negative, when it came to trying CBD.





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