Best Ways to Use Hemp CBD Oil

Best Ways to Use Hemp CBD Oil

“CBD is the next big thing in the so-called health industry,” says Earl Mindell, PhD, pharmacist, long-standing pioneer in educating the world about the benefits of nutritional supplements, and author of Healing with Hemp Oil: A Simple Guide to Using the Powerful and Proven Health Benefits of CBD. The popularity of CBD oil stems from its many and varied benefits, including relief from pain, muscle tension, and high blood pressure, as well as mood, sleep, and skin problems.

Short for “cannabidiol,” CBD oil in dietary supplements comes from the industrial hemp plant, which is in the same family as marijuana, Cannabis sativa, but doesn’t produce a “high.” Despite hemp’s lack of psychoactive power, the familial connection breeds confusion. “Most physicians are frightened by it,” says Mindell, “because of lack of knowledge.”

What It Does

CBD oil is anti-inflammatory, acts as an antioxidant, and has a therapeutic effect on the brain and central nervous system, which influences many processes, including the sensation of pain, mood, memory, and appetite. Epilepsy, anxiety, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and fibromyalgia are among the conditions that CBD may help. And, says Mindell, “It has no side effects.”

How to Use CBD Oil

For all forms, including capsules, tinctures, liquids, and sprays, Mindell recommends:

  1. In the Supplements Facts, always look for the amount of CBD oil per serving.
  2. Take between 2.5 and 30 mg daily, starting low, seeing how you feel, and gradually increasing as needed.
  3. For pain in specific parts of the body, rub a CBD oil, cream, or lotion on the area. For a headache, rub it on the forehead and temples.

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