5 Tips for Camping During COVID-19

5 Tips for Camping During COVID-19

Safe Camping Tips this season

Time outside is rejuvenating, especially when we can spend an extended weekend with a camping trip outdoors in our favorite spot or discovering someplace new. However, with COVID everything feels different. Everything feels confined. You may be concerned about how you can still get outside and mitigate risks. Following a few simple steps to minimize risk, you can get out and enjoy the outdoors.

1. Check Conditions and Local Guidelines

The Center for Disease Control has the latest information about when and where it’s safe to travel. It is a good practice to always check the conditions at your destination before heading out for your adventure. Also, be sure to check local state guidelines as well. Lastly, check your campground of choice for any restrictions and availability. This will avoid any disappointments you may experience due to virus restrictions

2. Stay Local

An easy way to significantly reduce your risk of encountering (or spreading) the virus is by staying close to where you live. Look for options in your own state when planning a getaway. It’s also a great time to explore areas nearby that you’ve may have neglected in the past for more exotic trips. Once you find your spot, keep your party small to members that you trust to have been practicing social distancing.

3. Prepare Meals Ahead of Time

To really get away from crowds during your camping trip, avoid restaurants and grocery stores when it’s time to prepare meals. Fortunately cooking over a camp stove and enjoying meals outside are some of the best parts of camping! So before leaving home, pre-plan meals (and snacks) for your trip. Prepare the majority of your meals ahead of time. This has added benefits like less work at the campsite. Better yet, it assures you can be 100% certain your food and cooking gear is as clean as they were when you left home.

4. Bring Lots of Soap and Water or Hand Sanitizer

One of the most effective and easiest ways to keep yourself safe from disease is by washing your hands often. You can avoid the increased chance of contact with the virus in public restrooms by bringing your own soap or sanitizer. Please remember that if you’ll be washing your hands at your campsite, bring biodegradable soap.

5. Wear a Mask in Public Spaces

Evidence shows that wearing a mask reduces the spread of the virus. The CDC recommends wearing a cloth face cover in public spaces – like the shared areas at a campground. Even if you don’t feel sick, it’s important to wear a face mask when leaving your campsite for public spaces like campground common areas, hiking trails, or when heading to town to get supplies. It’s important to remember that wearing a mask helps keep everyone safe.

With a little planning and preparation, you can have a safe and relaxing time enjoying our natural places.

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