2018 Hemp Harvest, Hope and Healing - by Dr. Puja Wentworth, DC

2018 Hemp Harvest, Hope and Healing - by Dr. Puja Wentworth, DC

Soon the fields will be pungent with the fresh aromas of cannabis ... and hope. Hope for a brighter future ... a future filled with humanitarian resilience. We as Americans are remembering our brilliant past. We once helped each other with immune system supportive methods, with the building blocks for healthy homes and healthy living. New answers for our future greatness have come recently from inspiration, creativity and social disapproval of status quo.

As Washington's beloved Mt. Vernon prepares for this great national hemp harvest, we are all re-united with our history, vast with hemp farming, manufacturing of the 50,000 uses, and ancient healing methods.

My personal experience with phyto-cannabinoid rich full-spectrum hemp (FSH) products led me to being a hemp focused physician. It has become increasingly obvious how critical hemp nutrition is critical to the entire inflammation process, to endocrine health, bone health, neurotransmitter health, liver health and true cellular health.

Whether a health participant is experiencing great inflammation, pain, mood disruption or cellular metabolism weakness, they have been supported with FSH products. The time has come for humanity to be uplifted and reunited with this exemplary method for self care and maintenance. As an active amputee since the age of 5, I find the support of full spectrum hemp and its many cannabinoids including CBD to be so helpful. (By the way, the best, most effective and life-enriching topical I have found in my 5 years of research for topical pain assistance for quick recovery and healing has been the Keola Balm.

This line has been key to my homeostasis and the well being of my clients.) Life is too short to wallow in the past pain of injury ... so if you have an active lifestyle and want to maintain your edge or if you're someone who just really wants to get active --- think full spectrum hemp and choose to rise above your weaknesses and live your life fully in the spirit of your God-given potential. Some have grown to call me "The Hemp Doctor" because of my passion on this topic. I do believe we have all been kept from developing true health in our endocannabinoid system for at least four generations. This injustice lights a burning urge within to make sure this supportive measure is once again in the hands of ALL people.

With the upcoming vote in Congress to pass cannabis legality throughout our nation, there has never been a time like now for the greatness of possibility to truly flourish with legal integrity that supports American farmers, factories and families. As tariffs abroad continue to tighten, now is the time to invest in the health of our own agriculture, manufacturing, production and American hope.

How many more excellent people need to die from the opioid crisis? How many more lives need to be ignored and forgotten? When is the medical establishment as a whole is going to stop contributing to this addiction that grabs our ability to choose better before it's too late? I recently spent a few moments with this local North Carolina artist, Catherine Miller, who paints the faces of those who lost their lives at the hands of opioids. Her paintings are both beautiful and haunting and her artist portrayal of the 116 people who are dying every day causes a deep visceral reaction inside yourself.

Opioid Epidemic

North Carolina is experiencing an actual Opioid Epidemic by all accounts and I am so encouraged by increase awareness and social change of our medical professionals locally. Take a moment to learn how NC care providers are uniting against the opioid epidemic.

Because of my personal and professional experience with patients with chronic pain other doctors and health professionals have begun to consult with me on the most effective and cutting edge products clinically. If you are a professional who would like to help people at a deeper level, please contact me at www.wellcenteredwellness.com.

Dr. Puja Wentworth, DC: "The Hemp Doctor" assists her clients both in person and virtually with her integrative approach to building self resilience with the best tools available. Her integration of botanical-based functional nutrition, frequency healing, chiropractic, neurofeedback, cellular detoxification and epigenetic-focused lifestyle coaching prepares the client for permanent ease in their health. 

Dr. Puja

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