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Full-spectrum vs broad-spectrum CBD

Our journey to understanding the differences.

If you’ve done any exploring of CBD you’ve likely come across products labeled as “full-spectrum” or “broad-spectrum”. What does this all mean and how do they differ?

Understanding or sorting through any standardization of CBD can be confusing and frustrating, to say the least. As the founding partner of Keola, I’ve experienced this first hand. Navigating through the waters of misinformation, changing terminology, and dynamic compliance standards makes it difficult for people and companies with genuinely good intentions to get answers and arrive at standards we all crave.

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CBD: How much do I need?

July 17, 2019

CBD: How much do I need?

When it comes to finding the right CBD dosage for individuals, experts agree that we are still learning. It depends on who you are and what you need it for. Determining the appropriate dosage is completely personal and that’s where the confusion enters the process.

With CBD there is no standard dosing amount or procedure, therefore there can be some trial and error before finding the right amount to produce the relief you seek.

With this in mind, we’ve created a simple guide to help you get started.

What are you looking for?

This may seem obvious, but it’s the perfect starting point. In other words, decide precisely what you’d like to get from the experience before purchasing. Why am I interested in trying CBD? What am I hoping it will do for me? For example; do you want to take CBD oil for arthritis? CBD for anxiety? General aches and pains? To sleep better? Answers to these questions will give you a baseline from which to start.

Keep your expectations in check.

Despite all the headlines that claim otherwise, CBD is not a cure-all. First, moderate your expectations of what CBD can do. Some people who try it say “I took CBD and didn’t feel anything.” If you take or apply topical CBD products like Keola, that do not contain any THC, you won’t feel a “buzz or high” that other CBD products containing levels of THC may give you.  We believe that a Broad Spectrum CBD product does not need the THC feeling to offer benefits. In fact, many of our customers want clean and clear heads so we make sure our products test 0% THC and we post independent lab tests on our site for each product and lot# to prove it.  Broad Spectrum (sometimes referred to as Full Spectrum) CBD has many beneficial properties, one can be reducing inflammation.  This may result in a decrease in aches or pains in some individuals.   It’s important to realize that your body needs to build up to it. Our suggestion is to take Keola CBD consistently for at least 10 days and then see how you feel, or what you no longer feel, in terms of the relief you are looking for.

Start with low dosages and take it slow.

Everybody is different. Not everyone has the same needs. Which equates to there is no one dose fits all rule. Begin with a small amount of CBD (our tinctures and 10 mg. gel caps are a great start) and gradually work your way up until you begin to experience the effect you’re seeking. This will aid you in understanding your unique tolerances and sensitivities.

No need to worry

CBD is non-toxic. New users should not be concerned about taking too much. There are almost no negative CBD side effects according to research. Starting with 10mg and working up from there is a good place to start as long as you give it the proper time to work.

Look for  “Full-Spectrum” or “Broad Spectrum”

Translation: Looking for products that simply claim to contain CBD is not the answer. Effective quality CBD oil for better health should contain as many of the active compounds from the source cannabis plant as possible. These compounds work together with your body to create the “entourage effect” which has far more benefits than just an extracted dose of CBD.

Does it make the grade?

Before purchasing, all reputable companies will have their products independently tested for purity and consistency. They will also make the results of these tests readily available.

Keep a Journal

As you experiment with the dosage of CBD, keep detailed notes to help you understand what works best for your needs. Track things like what times of day did you use it. What forms of CBD did you take (Oils, Capsules or Topical Balms)?  What were the specifics of the product, such as, the other ingredients it was formulated with?

This process will help you understand, in black and white, the information you’ll need to proceed with CBD to heal yourself. Enjoy the process of discovery as you begin your journey to experience some of the many benefits CBD can provide.

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More from one of our founders at Keola.

Hi, my name is Dave Hardy and I am one of the co-founders and partners in Keola Life LLC. I live in Lake Tahoe (Nevada side) with my wife, Donna and 2 Chocolate Labradors, Cass and Bear. When I am not running my business I love to spend time with my grandkids and 4 adult daughters. My passions are being outdoors, enjoying LIVE Music, and riding my Harley Davidson in the beautiful mountains we are blessed to call home.

IMG_2828I was born with a birth defect, bi-lateral club feet. This required several surgeries and hundreds of hours of physical therapy to allow me to walk in a somewhat normal fashion. I remember going trick or treating in a wheelchair when I was 3 or so and really walking and then running wasn’t a thing until I was 4 years old. A lot of people would call this a handicap, but I feel it was a blessing as it made me tougher and created a strong drive to succeed as walking wasn’t easy and took years to perfect.

Over the years my ankle joints and joints in my feet became progressively worse and in my late 40’s I started taking ibuprofen (NSAIDs) regularly for the pain that was 24/7. It got so bad that in my 50’s I was taking 4-6 ibuprofen a day, and on really bad days I would take prescription pain pills like Norco or Vicodin. This was not healthy for my liver and digestive system; it was causing more collateral harm than the pain it was relieving.

I was fortunate to be introduced to CBD by my brother who worked for Folium Biosciences, a premier grower and extractor of Zero THC CBD. I make a point about Zero THC for a reason. I run several businesses and have no desire or time to be “buzzed”, so getting the benefits of CBD without the “high” was essential for me. Once I tried the Hemp-based (CBD) topical products (balms and salves) and the ingestible products (gel caps and tinctures) I was amazed that I was able to go without much Advil and very rarely needed my prescription pain meds. I was so grateful for the dramatic change in my life, I started to investigate further. I wanted to learn as much as I could about CBD and ultimately wanted to figure out how I could be in the business of helping others by sharing CBD with them. I have not taken 1 ibuprofen or 1 prescription pain killer in over 2 years! Hallelujah! CBD has saved my life!

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Scott Trudeau, a highly talented branding and design expert and we formed a company to market the Keola brand of CBD. We take great pride in creating the highest quality Broad Spectrum Hemp products. Our topical balm is amazingly effective to relieve pain and inflammation. Our gel caps and tinctures are highly effective and very competitively priced. Our Keola K-9 Pet Tincture is based in salmon oil to provide Omega 3 fatty acids as well as Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil (commonly known as CBD). All of our products are non-GMO, grown with organic farming practices and are thoroughly tested as zero THC and pesticide FREE.

The wonderful thing for me personally is producing a product that truly helps improve the quality of people’s lives. It is very rewarding and exciting to see and hear all of the success stories from our customers. We would love for you to experience the benefits that we have experienced too. In fact, for a limited time, please log in to www.keolalife.com and we will send you a sample balm stick FREE with no strings attached. We find once you try the product we feel you will be back to order more.

If anyone reading this has questions about how Broad Spectrum Hemp Products (CBD) can help in their lives, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. One of the founders/owners of the company will personally answer your questions.

Dave Hardy
Co-founder and Partner
Keola Life

PS: A note for those of you who have “fur family members”. My family has raised Chocolate Labs for years and our original “mama” dog, Mama Cass is now 14 years and experiencing some of the more severe age-related issues including arthritis, pain, and anxiety. Her quality of life has been so much better after using our CBD products for pets. CBD is great for these issues with animals including dogs, cats even horses as well. If you think about it, back through the history of North America and for that matter “the world”, Hemp has grown wild everywhere. Hemp has been in the food supply as bison, buffalo and other game ate hemp and they were part of the food supply for humans. Native Americans used hemp in many ways including natural medicinal uses as well as creating rope, and other supplies.